Saturday, December 31, 2011

The New Year

2011 is nearly over and 2012 is already dawning upon us, only hours away. I am looking for new and exciting things to occur in this new year. I know like many of you I am setting new goals and ways to reach them this year. There is one thing I know for sure and that is more than anything I am blessed. I say this to remind me and you that though there are things we need to improve on, where we are should not be looked down upon. It is only through moving from where we are and working through what we already have that will allow the progression we desire.

There are great things in store for us this year if we will only open our hearts and minds to those things. I say this because we have a choice to gear towards the negative or to gear towards the positive. Both are out there crying for your attention. Which will you choose to render to? I sincerely hope it is the positive. No matter what the situation there is always a good side to it. You just have to look for it and find it.

This year choose to pursue your dreams with reasonable and attainable goals. Therefore making your dreams more than dreams but reality. So here's to you and I having the best year of many to come in our lives. Cheers!!!

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