Friday, February 17, 2012

In the Meanwhile

As you all are eagerly waiting to see the final phases of CHANCES come to its completion I want to point your attention to writings of mine that may interest you. I also write for a magazine entitled This online magazine is geared to the fashioning of young women from the ages of twelve to twenty three in a positive light. is an alternative read for young women who are trying to venture out into their own skin all the while feeling comfortable. In our society today there are so many things screaming for their attention that will distort their self perception in a disastrous way. Let us as their parents or just as influences in their lives direct them to reads that will build their self perception. covers popular topics such as fashion, beauty, relationships, health, the ever famous 'boys' section, movies, books, celebrity news as well as many other topics that interest our youth today. Introducing your young women to will be a great part of impacting their lives and allowing them to see they are not alone in their struggles. Check out my latest article at This article deals with giving up the pattern of yielding to the pressures they experience allowing them to receive the wonderful life God meant for them to have.

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