Friday, January 20, 2012


I can look back on this week and say with a smile it has been both busy and profitable. I began a great new study on the book of James in the new testament. I have already been extremely blessed by the teaching. I love learning new and insightful things. In addition I have been sailing smoothly along with my book CHANCES. I usually wait until the end to do all of my editing but this time around I have found myself editing as I go along. I have been editing chapter by chapter, which I am very pleased with.

I have been working nonstop on CHANCES that I am almost near completion. I am so thrilled about this. I cannot wait to let you all in on more details of the story. I have my mind set on submission to two publishers, so will see how that goes when the time comes. I am also considering self-publishing as well. I am currently weighing the pro's and con's of it and will make a decision soon. I still have time but like to be prepared and know what my action will be when the time comes.

In the midst of all this my daughter starts school this year. My husband and I will be making a move to live in the most preferable school district. It is getting harder and harder to have your child attend school out of their zone district. I am very thrilled about her starting school. We have worked so hard on her grasping the foundations of all the basics ABC's (writing, sounding and recognition), counting 1-15 (after that she gets a little confused, still working on it), shapes, colors, matching, opposites, days of the week, month, year, the state she lives in as well as all of her personal info that we have now progressed to reading. As a parent I am super excited about this milestone. Although I am not sure if I am more excited with myself for meeting the challenge (because it can be) or with her for soaking it up. All in all I am proud that we a little one ready to tackle kindergarten.

In essence I have plenty to be thankful for and proud of this week. Now its time to get back to writing. I will be checking in soon with more updates. Thanks so much for taking this journey with me.

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