Thursday, January 12, 2012

Progress Update

My week has been very profitable. I have been working nonstop on creating a romance novel that is sure to open your heart and mind to explore the questions of "why" and "what now" in your own life. The inspiration behind my book "Chances" comes from the emotional roller coaster people experience from tragedy trying to find their way back to love. This is not a journey that has a smooth road ahead yet it is one that is worth the travel. I am more than halfway through the story and am feeling really good about the impact of the outcome.

My hope is "Chances" will become a part of a movement that will inspire people to deal with unexpected tragedies in their lives by not giving up on what gifts and dreams they have been left with. Tragedy is not something we want but it sometimes happens. How we deal with it in the midst of our everyday will determine our mindsets for our everyday. Tragedy does not have to ruin our lives. Instead we can take the pain of tragedy and trade it for the joy of Christ. Everyone looks for something to hope or believe in. Is what you are looking for the hope that will bring you peace in the midst of your tragedy or storms in life? Will it ensure the condition of your heart and mind is strong and ready for the next wind life may blow? or is it temporary and unyielding in results of peace of mind? These are things "Chances" addresses in a way that will move you.

"Chances" is not a religious read but a real story about real people searching for real solutions. I am so glad that you are taking this journey with me as I continue to bring the story together. I will be posting more updates soon.

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