Monday, January 2, 2012

Weathering Life's Storms

I was reminded this morning after coming down off of my new year high that just because I set new goals does not mean that I am exempt from life's storms. I woke up this morning to quite a dilemma. As my husband and I sat this morning trying to work out the details and come up with a solution we realized that we can not control what comes our way. We can control how we handle each situation. Although this is a realization that people are mostly aware of sometimes it is difficult to remember the midst of a storm. I understand that no matter what the I need to take the reins of life in the midst of the storm and strain if need to towards the calm.

I wanted to share this with you because it does not matter what life brings your way it does not change what you know. So even in the midst of the storm try to find the truths that will guide you through across to the calm.

Finding my way through to the calm allowed me to receive a new writing opportunity that I would have passed up, ignored or not been aware of for a while. The storms in life bring much chaos, worry and sometimes anxiety but allowing oneself to rise above and see the calm will not erase the storm but will help you weather the storm to the other side.

I am so glad that even though I have had to face something unpleasant at the start of the new year I am not without the peace of knowing that God, one who is far greater than my dilemmas has everything under control. All I have to do is rise above this temporary problem and look ahead. I would encourage you if going through something similar to do the same. Rise above and look ahead there is a calm in the near distance.

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